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About M2North

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What is M2North?

Formed the year 2000, we have strived towards the vision of an ecosystem to cover every phase of procurement—from product sourcing to ordering; from enquiry to invoice. We provide tools to buyers and seller that make businesses more effective.

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate the flow of trade between companies of all sizes.

  • By commoditising electronic trade, to the point that it levels the playing field between big and small companies.
  • By providing tools and services helping businesses grow
How it started

In the late 90's there was a lot of talk of digital trading, but all efforts seemed convoluted and looked likely to only be possible for the biggest of companies.

After being tasked to do yet another complicated business integration between customs and a clearing agent—and after the countless meetings that ensued— the two co-founders began to brainstorm a better way:

Rather than have every company having to connect to every other company (the absolute mayhem model), we envisaged a hub and spoke model, allowing each company to only have to worry about one connection.

This took about two years of juggling full consultancy days and after-hour work in a garage to finally surface. By 2000, we were ready with a first version.

How it's going

Now celebrating its 21st birthday, M2North serves over 35,000 different businesses in almost every industry. With a Nett Promoter Score of 8.9 and a churn rate of less than 1%, we make it our business to facilitate the trade and growth of other businesses.

How does it work?

We connect businesses of all sizes, using all forms of electronic data interchange, be it XML, EDI, IDOC, CSV via countless methods, including FTP, SOAP, SFTP, FTPS, Connect:direct, Odette and even email.

Our service connect systems that include SAP, SAP Business One, Baan, Oracle, Pastel, Pastel Evolution, Accpac, Quickbooks as well as custom systems.

We also provide an online environment where all these business transactions can be dealt with, queried and managed, providing a single point for buyers to order and sellers to service.

Where did the name come from?

M2North, named after a fictitous freeway, was envisaged as a metaphor for a way of connecting businesses at high speed.

  • Finalist, Innovation & Sustainability Awards, 2005.
  • Finalist, 702 Small Business Awards, 2011

Why M2North?

Unrivalled speed to market

22+ years of experience

Cross-industry & multi-standard

8.9 Net Promoter Score

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?