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One connection.
Every trading partner.

Introducing Missing Link, the automated, flexible procure-to-pay solution.

35,000+ Companies

89 Net Promoter Score

21+ Years of Experience

99.9% Uptime

What is Missing Link?

Missing Link is a procurement-to-payment data switching provider, connecting suppliers and customers across all industries. We help our clients refine, digitalise and manage their entire procurement process, saving them time, money - and many headaches!

One connection is all you need

There’s no need for you to have dedicated staff to configure, manage and support individual connections to every one of your customers and suppliers. Connect to us and we’ll handle every procurement transaction for you.

End-to-end experts

We cover the entire procurement process, from onboarding of your trading partners to daily management and support. Our skills range from business analytics and project management, to high-level technical as well as support centre staff.

Format-neutral data switching

Missing Link facilitates all data formats and messaging types. This means that customers and suppliers don’t have to conform to each other’s software and system requirements. Anyone can do business.

Reduce your risk

With Missing Link there is no risk with regards to critical employee absenteeism or resignation, after-hour system failure or order omissions, mistakes or delays. There is also less loss, damage and theft of goods due to order inaccuracies and returns.

Reduce your order to headcount ratio

Missing Link allows you to grow your business without increasing your procurement staff. Rather upskill your existing procurement staff to sales and other income generating positions.

Exception-based reporting

Missing Link only lets you know about the things you care about. This keeps your inbox tidy and maintains the focus of your team.

Solutions for all phases of procurement

For Buyers

Distribute RFQs and purchase orders, publish tenders— all with business responses backed up by our call centre, operations team and EDI specialists.

For Sellers

Webstore offerings, order consolidation, ordering portals, order responses and invoices.

Why Missing Link?

Massive cost savings

Unrivalled speed to market

20 years of experience

Cross-industry & multi-standard

Improved order accuracy

Faster order capture

Less paper

Improved staff efficiency

Fewer technical staff required

Fewer price queries, therefore fewer credit notes

Saves time

Saves money

Any format

SAP IDOC, XML, PDF, CSV, JSON, or any custom format.

Any method

FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Odette, or any custom method.

Any company

Regardless of size, industry, standard, Missing Link has a solution.

What our customers are saying


We continuously receive reliable, excellent service; customized to our needs from M2North.


M2North can well support us in receiving sales orders from customers.


M2North are the epitome of where there is a will, there is a way.


M2North makes an effort to understand their clients business, ensuring that they can offer a solution that works. Not only creating positive customer experience, but assisting in revenue growth.


M2North, agility is their second nature.


M2North has always been a trusted and dependable service provider.
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